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Guest Posting On Your Blog: Advantages and Disadvantages!

Today, every blog owner try to post on any other same niche blog which ranking is high or that is in fastest growing stage. And I am now seeing that many blog which was saying that they didn’t approve guest posters are now approving them, as no one can get idea always so they can do any post and that lead to a serious problem to the blog owner because they can’t do posts every day and there rank started getting lower and lower and lower.

So, at this like situation the owner of the blog started giving opportunity to their readers and friends to be guest author of their blog. Nowadays nearly every good site are offering to do guest posting, however some great blogs owners are still now approving guest articles. Guest posting on your blog has advantage(s) but also has disadvantage(s). The decision is on you hand about accepting or not accepting. So in this article we’ll learn about the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of Guest posting on your blog.

What is Guest posting (on your blog)?

When any other people/blogger come and posts an article on your blog is called Guest posting. Mainly people do this to get dofollow backlink to their blog and some traffic.



When any guest poster posts an article on your blog, you will start getting additional visitors. And also some of them may subscribe to your blog so you would get some subscribers also. Also sometimes friends of the visitors also started visiting sites of their friend and by this way you get even more visits.

Daily updates:

You blog should update regularly to get indexed on search engines regularly. This is a need for every blog owner to post at least one article every day or update and add some more information to old articles, but when you don’t have any idea on posting a new article at that time your blog didn’t update regularly and also started getting late indexations in the search engines. While if you have guest authors they will post some articles every day and it improve your site’s listings in search engines. If you ever get problems and you can’t do any posts than at that time guest authors can help you a lot because they will keep posting every day.



If you have so many guest authors than many of them are posting only to get more dofollow backlinks from your blog to get good rank of their website in Google PageRank. And because of so many backlinks your blog started losing its own rank and if you don’t have any rank than it will make your work harder to get any rank.
Losing visitors:

Yes, you will not only get some visitors but also lose some visitors. As mainly guest authors put there blog’s address so your visitors may visit his/her site and leave your site. By this way, it will lower your visitors.

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Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

Bloggers who recently taken there steps on the blogosphere may did many wrong things and because of this they can’t run there blog more, and leave blogging after sometime. So, for the peoples who are thinking on starting blogging I have written this article. These are the things which every blogger much know. So, here we start.

Things you must know before starting blogging:


The main problems with new bloggers are they think if they copy other blogs articles and post them than they will start getting so many visitors while this is simply opposite. Because many search engines didn’t show copied content blogs and by this way they make their blog useless as without visitors blog is nothing. Also, don’t even copy any image from anywhere as when you want to remove those images you will start having so many problems. So, always note that copying articles and images of others is too bad and your blog may also get in the blacklist of search engines.


When any blogger start blogging they post anything which they saw, even if there site’s niche is news updates they started giving tricks about anything. This makes search engines confused on what is this site for, and they believe that this site is just another spam site. And simply your site will started getting at last of the results or directly get into the blacklist. So, first choose your site’s niche and then start posting on the same.

Professional looking design:

This one is something important, because no one likes boring design and colors. So, try to make or find a template which looks professional and also must match with your site’s niche. After you choose a good designed template first show them to your friends and ask for suggestions because they will help you to find whether that is looking good or bad. And also please note that changing template again and again may make your rank lower, so try to choose a template once.


I know that you want to earn some money at least to pay your hosting company but if you use so many advertisement on your blog than search engines may think that your site is spam and again, they will get your site onto the blacklist and if you didn’t even get a little visit than what will be the mean of tons of ads. So, try to maintain the ad levels and also don’t use pop-up ads as it also affect SEO.

How to Write a Good Quality Article?

Writing a good article is a must thing which every bloggers have to follow and those who didn’t follow soon get bored from high bounce rate and low visits. There are some ways still which bloggers didn’t know and because of that there writing skills didn’t improve. As you may know that while doing blogging you don’t only have to know the language in which you are writing but also you should know grammar of your language. I have seen many peoples who start blogging but didn’t know how they can frame the words and because of this many of their visitors leave there blog, as it makes harder to read an article.

Why should read this article?

I think everyone should have this question going on their mine but please read the whole article and you will own said thanks. As here is something different. There are many peoples who have written this type of article but forgot about the important thing which is how to write words clearly, I mean how to frame words correctly. This is one of the important things for a blogger and many peoples forgot to tell this, but you will learn here a little way to write perfectly.
How to write a good article?

Okay, let we start. Now you have to follow these tips if you want to write better than you are before. So, here are the tips:


Please note this I have tested it with English language only so it may work only with English. You should write your articles on Microsoft Word or any other tool where you can write but that should also provide grammar checker. I recommend that you use MS Word as this has a good grammar checker and it also help you to keep control your mistakes even in wrong spellings. I always write on it because everyone can have mistaken, even a great blogger may do. Even if you have a good knowledge upon the language in which you writes I recommend that you use this.

Do a recheck:

Read the whole article which you have written. It helps you to verify whether the article can make the one boring or the user will keep on your site. It also helps to improve the article and every blogger should do this.


Length of the article has a great importance. If you have written an article which is well explained than it is very good, even if you have written an article of about 200 words but that is greatly explained while you have written the same article of about 1000 words than your 1000 words article may make peoples bored. Because the quality of the article is important not its length, so always try to write articles which not only should be lengthy but also must have enough information.

You’re Experience:

Also you should add your own experience on the article so peoples can learn about the topic much more. It helps to make your article lengthier with quality. And also try to not include things which have no connection between your site and the article’s niche.

Images with words:

When you write steps for anything you may also have included images on it and some bloggers keep only images while if they include text also than it make many peoples work easier if they are using their phone to browse your site, and as they are using their mobile so they can’t about to view that easily. Also you should include alt tag on every image available on the article.


Keep the comment box on your blog posts, because many peoples may give you suggestions about the article available there. You can learn some more things from your visitors as some of them know a little more things than you, however you can close comment option after some days when you think that your article is improved fully and no more improvements are leave, but I recommend that you keep comment option till minimum 180 days or more.

From Editor’s Desk:

So, these were some of the important tips which you should follow while posting a new article. After following these you can own see the difference between your older articles and newer. If you have any more tips on improving this article or having any problem regarding this topic than feel free to use the comment box to leave your message and I will back to you soon. Happy Blogging!

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Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $500

Hey everyone, what’s up? i hope you all are doing fine and today I’m back with a new article topic. Here I am going to write an article of best cheap gaming laptops under $500. I know there are billions of gamers these days who want to play PC games but their machines are not up to mark to play latest games. There was a time when we all had to buy “special” kind of computer to play games or even had to assemble our PC to play latest HD games. However, those days are gone and now we have everything readymade available. These days there are brands like Alienware for even hardcore gamers and there is absolutely no need to assemble anything at all.

I am going to list top 5 best gaming laptops that one can buy for under $500 and I have ranked them according to their sales, hardware power, performance, expert reviews and of course personal experience. If you have been looking for a new gaming laptop and are on a tight budget then this guide is certainly going to help you choose the best and cheap gaming laptop under $500. Gaming laptops are not just like any ordinary laptops are quite different. They have more power the processor, graphics card, hard disk and most probably two fans to keep the device cooler. I know most of professional gaming laptops cost $1000 plus but there are also plenty of average laptops are recommended for gaming. Check out our guide of cheap gaming laptops under $500 in 2014.

5. Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

From always Dell laptop brand has been known for its solid hardware and smooth performance. When it comes to a budget gaming laptop, Dell isn’t really a bad choice. These days there are plenty of latest PC games that can be played on a touch screen display and it would be a total disaster to not include a touch screen gaming laptop in this list. I know there aren’t many good gaming laptops that cost around $500 but if you’re an average gamer then this specific Dell laptop is going to survive in a long run. Of course I know you won’t be able to play super HD 2014 games but I’m sure most of the decent and good games can be played on this Dell’s gaming laptop.

4. HP 2000-2b19wm Gaming Laptop

The HP 2000 laptop series has been known for the best budget laptops and of course they are also good for playing games. I think this one is the most affordable gaming laptop current available in the market. I know there are better options for gaming but this one is I recommend for people who want to play games from a single room since it includes AMD Radeon graphics card, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and Windows 8. Overall, it’s a little bit of bulky but one of the best gaming laptops under $500 in 2014.

3. Lenovo Edge E545 Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo Edge E545 has been one of my favorite gaming laptops for a long time now and yes even if that costs under $500. I know most of people these days desire NVIDIA hardware for gaming but sadly this one comes with AMD A6 GPU. However, it includes an Intel i3 processor with a dedicated graphics card which is even great than any ordinary gaming laptop. Its 2GB AMD Radeon HD graphics card makes sure that you can play just about any latest game without any hassle and that means absolutely no lag in most of latest games. All in all, I’d say go for it if you’re looking for a gaming laptop to play latest and standard games.

2. HP Pavilion 17-e040us

The HP Pavilion 17 is yet another one of the best gaming laptops under $500 and best thing about this laptop is certainly its 17-inch display screen which I’m sure gamers will enjoy. It comes with a solid body and powerful hardware to handle most of the recently released games. However, only downside of this gaming laptop is its size and weight which is little bulky and not that easy to carry while travelling. So if you’re going to use a laptop from a single then the HP 17 is best gaming laptop under $500. According to most of online reviews, its Radeon HD GPU can handle many professional games which is kind of rare these days in laptops.

1. Lenovo G505s

The Lenovo G505s is the best 15-inch gaming laptop under $500 and also one of the lightest laptops of 2014. It has been in trends for past few months now and is kind of popular gaming laptop. It packs quad core 3.1 GHz processor, AMD Radeon GPU, 6GB RAM and 500 GB Hard Drive. Its build quality is extremely solid and of course looks are premium. After reading hundreds of reviews of experts and certified buyers I can finally say, it’s the best gaming laptop one can buy for under $500 in 2014. All in all, simple the best one since you won’t find such powerful specs in any other budget gaming laptop.

Top 5 Best Laptops under $500

Well, these days desktop computers are really common and available in just about every home. There was a time when middle class people wouldn’t even think of owning laptop but these days laptops surely have become cheaper. There are lots of quality laptops to choose from nowadays but who claims it is best to pay a lot of money to acquire a quality laptop? Are you able to get a good laptop computer with limited funds while still being able to buy your other equipment? We can help provide you with the best laptops under $500.

Today you can get an excellent laptop for around $500 as a result of the wide rivalry among the computer brands. It’s good to know that your cleverly picked laptop computer is actually enough for almost all your technology needs such as web surfing, forwarding email messages, browsing videos on YouTube, Twitter, and so on. Well, these laptops under $500 are certainly going to be the best ones unless you’re looking for device to play games, video editing, photo editing or any other heavy tasks where more computer power is required. Let’s examine what laptop computers under $500 might be best in 2014.

5. Acer Aspire V5-571

The Acer Aspire V5-571 is certainly among the best laptops you could find for under $500 and is an extremely solidly built laptop. I know that it’s quite bulky but when it comes to performance it is simply the best. This 15-inch notebook comes with Intel Core i3 processor, Intel HD graphics 3000, 500 GB HDD and 6 GB DDR3 RAM. This laptops if perfect device for regular work such as browsing, word processing, music, etc. Even you’ll be able to multi-task on it without any hassle. I know that its GPU isn’t that great for playing games or HD videos but overall it’s a good laptop that can handle plenty of productive work.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad x130e

Lenovo laptop brand has always been known for their quality and high class products. However, the ThinkPad x130e is one of the cheapest laptop in 2014 and believe me; Lenovo never compromises its quality for price. This laptop is specifically built for regular work and not for playing games or heavy applications. It packs AMD Fusion processor, AMD Radeon HD GPU and 4GB RAM. I’m warning you if you’re expecting much performance from this notebook. It’s specially built for school students and for people who want to educate themselves. Overall, it’s one of the best laptops under $500 in 2014 and is obviously better than any netbook or chromebook available on the market.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530

The Lenovo ThinkPad E530 is anytime better than x130e and comes in a completely different category since this one is the king when it comes to performance. It’s little bit heavier but it packs more powerful specifications such as 3rd Gen Intel i3 processor, 4GB RAM, HD Graphics 4000 and 500 GB HDD. The simple design and ordinary color with shine makes it a lot more professional any other laptop in this list of best laptops under $500. Recently I saw this laptop beat HP Pavilion in performance and the only reason this laptop isn’t on top is its price. If you can afford it then don’t think just go for it.

2. Sony VAIO E Series

The Sony VAIO laptops have always been one of the most expensive laptops but this isn’t that high range laptop and that’s the reason we’ve included it in this list. It is very similar to HP DM1Z and of course one of the best ones when it comes to performance. Only downside of this notebook is that its 11-inch display screen and some of you may not be happy with that. Other than that, it’s performance level is good and it’s packed with AMD E2 processor, AMD Radeon HD GPU, 500 GB HDD and 4GB DDR3 RAM. All in all, it makes a perfect laptop for multi-tasking or even playing ordinary video games.

1. HP Pavilion DM1Z

I know DM1Z laptop from HP Pavilion series is kind of old now but it still remains of the best laptops that anyone can buy for under $500. It was first released in 2012 and since then it is one of the best budget laptops. Its insides contain AMD E350 processor, AMD Radeon HD GPU and 3GB RAM, I believe it can handle plenty of older games with medium settings. However, if you’re looking to play latest HD games on this then this isn’t for you. After looking at its performance I’ve decided that it still is the best laptop in 2014 and it becomes really hard to find a laptop under $500 that’ll be able to beat this one in performance. All in all, this 11-inch laptop beats all the netbooks in the market and can be purchased for a very affordable price.