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Guest Posting On Your Blog: Advantages and Disadvantages!

Today, every blog owner try to post on any other same niche blog which ranking is high or that is in fastest growing stage. And I am now seeing that many blog which was saying that they didn’t approve guest posters are now approving them, as no one can get idea always so they can do any post and that lead to a serious problem to the blog owner because they can’t do posts every day and there rank started getting lower and lower and lower.

So, at this like situation the owner of the blog started giving opportunity to their readers and friends to be guest author of their blog. Nowadays nearly every good site are offering to do guest posting, however some great blogs owners are still now approving guest articles. Guest posting on your blog has advantage(s) but also has disadvantage(s). The decision is on you hand about accepting or not accepting. So in this article we’ll learn about the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of Guest posting on your blog.

What is Guest posting (on your blog)?

When any other people/blogger come and posts an article on your blog is called Guest posting. Mainly people do this to get dofollow backlink to their blog and some traffic.



When any guest poster posts an article on your blog, you will start getting additional visitors. And also some of them may subscribe to your blog so you would get some subscribers also. Also sometimes friends of the visitors also started visiting sites of their friend and by this way you get even more visits.

Daily updates:

You blog should update regularly to get indexed on search engines regularly. This is a need for every blog owner to post at least one article every day or update and add some more information to old articles, but when you don’t have any idea on posting a new article at that time your blog didn’t update regularly and also started getting late indexations in the search engines. While if you have guest authors they will post some articles every day and it improve your site’s listings in search engines. If you ever get problems and you can’t do any posts than at that time guest authors can help you a lot because they will keep posting every day.



If you have so many guest authors than many of them are posting only to get more dofollow backlinks from your blog to get good rank of their website in Google PageRank. And because of so many backlinks your blog started losing its own rank and if you don’t have any rank than it will make your work harder to get any rank.
Losing visitors:

Yes, you will not only get some visitors but also lose some visitors. As mainly guest authors put there blog’s address so your visitors may visit his/her site and leave your site. By this way, it will lower your visitors.

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