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How to Write a Good Quality Article?

Writing a good article is a must thing which every bloggers have to follow and those who didn’t follow soon get bored from high bounce rate and low visits. There are some ways still which bloggers didn’t know and because of that there writing skills didn’t improve. As you may know that while doing blogging you don’t only have to know the language in which you are writing but also you should know grammar of your language. I have seen many peoples who start blogging but didn’t know how they can frame the words and because of this many of their visitors leave there blog, as it makes harder to read an article.

Why should read this article?

I think everyone should have this question going on their mine but please read the whole article and you will own said thanks. As here is something different. There are many peoples who have written this type of article but forgot about the important thing which is how to write words clearly, I mean how to frame words correctly. This is one of the important things for a blogger and many peoples forgot to tell this, but you will learn here a little way to write perfectly.
How to write a good article?

Okay, let we start. Now you have to follow these tips if you want to write better than you are before. So, here are the tips:


Please note this I have tested it with English language only so it may work only with English. You should write your articles on Microsoft Word or any other tool where you can write but that should also provide grammar checker. I recommend that you use MS Word as this has a good grammar checker and it also help you to keep control your mistakes even in wrong spellings. I always write on it because everyone can have mistaken, even a great blogger may do. Even if you have a good knowledge upon the language in which you writes I recommend that you use this.

Do a recheck:

Read the whole article which you have written. It helps you to verify whether the article can make the one boring or the user will keep on your site. It also helps to improve the article and every blogger should do this.


Length of the article has a great importance. If you have written an article which is well explained than it is very good, even if you have written an article of about 200 words but that is greatly explained while you have written the same article of about 1000 words than your 1000 words article may make peoples bored. Because the quality of the article is important not its length, so always try to write articles which not only should be lengthy but also must have enough information.

You’re Experience:

Also you should add your own experience on the article so peoples can learn about the topic much more. It helps to make your article lengthier with quality. And also try to not include things which have no connection between your site and the article’s niche.

Images with words:

When you write steps for anything you may also have included images on it and some bloggers keep only images while if they include text also than it make many peoples work easier if they are using their phone to browse your site, and as they are using their mobile so they can’t about to view that easily. Also you should include alt tag on every image available on the article.


Keep the comment box on your blog posts, because many peoples may give you suggestions about the article available there. You can learn some more things from your visitors as some of them know a little more things than you, however you can close comment option after some days when you think that your article is improved fully and no more improvements are leave, but I recommend that you keep comment option till minimum 180 days or more.

From Editor’s Desk:

So, these were some of the important tips which you should follow while posting a new article. After following these you can own see the difference between your older articles and newer. If you have any more tips on improving this article or having any problem regarding this topic than feel free to use the comment box to leave your message and I will back to you soon. Happy Blogging!

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