Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

Bloggers who recently taken there steps on the blogosphere may did many wrong things and because of this they can’t run there blog more, and leave blogging after sometime. So, for the peoples who are thinking on starting blogging I have written this article. These are the things which every blogger much know. So, here we start.

Things you must know before starting blogging:


The main problems with new bloggers are they think if they copy other blogs articles and post them than they will start getting so many visitors while this is simply opposite. Because many search engines didn’t show copied content blogs and by this way they make their blog useless as without visitors blog is nothing. Also, don’t even copy any image from anywhere as when you want to remove those images you will start having so many problems. So, always note that copying articles and images of others is too bad and your blog may also get in the blacklist of search engines.


When any blogger start blogging they post anything which they saw, even if there site’s niche is news updates they started giving tricks about anything. This makes search engines confused on what is this site for, and they believe that this site is just another spam site. And simply your site will started getting at last of the results or directly get into the blacklist. So, first choose your site’s niche and then start posting on the same.

Professional looking design:

This one is something important, because no one likes boring design and colors. So, try to make or find a template which looks professional and also must match with your site’s niche. After you choose a good designed template first show them to your friends and ask for suggestions because they will help you to find whether that is looking good or bad. And also please note that changing template again and again may make your rank lower, so try to choose a template once.


I know that you want to earn some money at least to pay your hosting company but if you use so many advertisement on your blog than search engines may think that your site is spam and again, they will get your site onto the blacklist and if you didn’t even get a little visit than what will be the mean of tons of ads. So, try to maintain the ad levels and also don’t use pop-up ads as it also affect SEO.

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